Here are some links to sites we like. Some are related to Plucker Books, some ain't. Read the descriptions to find out.


Plucker's E-books

Members of the Plucker project created some examples of how Plucker works. They have a few ebooks and technical documentation at their samples page.

Linux Documentation

Free documentation (under the GNU General Public License) on all things linux. They offer their HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs in Plucker format and their other formats are also available for you to roll your own.


Distributed Proofreaders

Join DP and help produce material which we can use to make Pluckerbooks. It is easy and fun!

Project Gutenberg

The de facto standard of e-book publishing. They've been around forever, and a lot of the e-books you'll find on the net originated here (including "several" of ours....ahem).


A bunch of texts originally offered via gopher and now offered via a bunch of ways.

Markup (HTML, XML, etc.)

Sacred Texts

Religion-oriented works in HTML format. Very cool, unique collection!

Arthur's Classic Novels

Contains a bunch of Gutenberg and other e-texts marked up using the HTML Writer's Guild gutbook.dtd. We put this before the HWG's site because, frankly, there's more stuff here!


Offers very high-quality HTML formatted public domain works. Also provides print-on-demand services.

HTML Writer's Guild Gutenberg XML Texts

The HTML Writer's Guild created a couple of XML Document Type Definitions (DTDs) to markup Gutenberg texts. Unfortunately, the project has seemed to be left to die a forgotten death.

The Ex-Classics Web Site

A short, esoteric collection of works that used to be considered classics.


Bartleby offers very high-quality html formatted books and reference materials.

The Litrix Reading Room

Some decent-quality html versions of public-domain books.



A very cool tool that marks up Gutenberg texts.


A CGI program run by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that converts HTML to text (go figure!). We've used this a couple of times to submit some Plucker Books online originals to Project Gutenberg.


No offense to the maintainers of Plucker Desktop, but Jpluck rules! If you haven't taken it for a spin, do so. And hey, they link to Pluckerbooks as well...