The Merry Maines, a Shaggy Cat Story

The Merry MainesI enjoyed reading about the adventures of feline friends, Hawkeye and Bhu Fan, in “The Merry Maines, a Shaggy Cat Story” by Garnet Quinn. Aside from being cats, a Maine Coon and a Korat have very little in common, especially these two cats.

They come from different worlds, country and city, and are of different lineages, homegrown cats and Eastern royalty. The two meet by chance, and become friends, their friendship transcending their differences as they work together to thwart the threats to the cattery and to their human, Beth. However, as they get to know each other and as Bhu Fan, affectionately called Boo by Hawkeye, gets to know the family of shaggy cats, she realizes that they really are quite similar after all.

What struck me most as I read was how well Quinn knows cats! Everything about the cats, what do and say and how they interact with humans and with each other, is completely believable. Given the right circumstances and motivation, cats can do some pretty amazing things. My own cats prove this point to me daily!